Tuesday, 3 April 2012

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Friday, 3 February 2012

Guess who’s back? NumBoy. Right, It’s been a big month for releases! I’m gonna dive straight in with this one.
Addergebroed has released a legendary EP which contained one of my favourite ever dubstep tracks: Limbo. This track is absolutely revolutionary. I guarantee you will never have heard anything like it. Addergebroed has really developed his own sound which I love, rather than going for something conventional. This EP was released on the 10th of the month on Mechanoid Audio and you can go and buy it from all good retail sites, IT’S WELL WORTH IT!
On to my next point. In the lead up to Chronos Records releasing the Bassbook EP, the kind people gave us all a free download entitled The Tasterbook EP. This contained four absolutely massive tracks: P0gman – Jigglin’ (Soloman Remix); 12Gauge – Mechano Banano; 12Gauge – Burning Finger; Jogo – Bunny Rabbit VIP. If you’re easily startled or have heart conditions, DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Sorry, that was cheesy. Anyway, I’ll put the link at the bottom...
I was extremely happy to see that one of my favourite youtube channels , JesusDied4Dubstep began to release free compilations! After downloading the first and picking a song at random - which so happened to be ‘Wax On Wax Off’ by the mighty Skeng (If you don’t know, get to know) – I knew that I’d be enjoying the rest. Again, they’re free and well worth the effort of downloading!
Now, I’m going to cheat a little. Last month, being caught up in thinking about the whole year, I missed out a huge release. It was released on the 12th of December on Tempa and it’s by J:Kenzo. You may already be able to tell, I love this guy. As I said in the last blog, his productions are always amazing, if not better than the last and he proved that with this release. Ruffhouse and Therapy have enough subs to bring an army to their knees (Providing it’s played on a massive sound system) Mr Kenzo really pulled out the weaponry when we began to hear a VIP of Ruffhouse on certain radio shows! I’ve never been great at expressing my love for certain songs so, in the wise, wise words of I’ve never been great at expressing my love for certain songs so, in the wise, wise words of Youngsta the VIP can simply be described as ‘FUCK OFF!’ in the best way.  I’ll post the link to that at the bottom too. Oh, for those who don’t know, VIP stands for Variation in Production and it’s when a producer reworks their own track, a different take on it.
I’m cheating again. On the 23rd of December last year, Skrillex released his Bangarang EP on his own label OWSLA. This – Skrillex releases not generally being my thing – passed me by. It was only a week or so ago that i was made aware of a track with Kill The Noise and 12th  planet entitled ‘Right On Time’. This track really impressed me. Skrillex dropped the screams and generic intros for an infectiously danceable beat and synth pattern. This track is bound to get a club jumping, especially the bit halfway through when the BPM drops from 140 all the way to 100, check it out yourself. Links below.
OH MAN. I bought Zed’s Dead’s most recent release, if you haven’t heard about these guys, educate yourself. And do this by purchasing their Adrenalin EP. Released on Inspected, this EP will be SMASHING gigs! I’ll certainly be rinsing each and every track at my shows!
My final point is that you guys should go grab a track called Kingy L by KSH. It dropped on Coffi’s own label, Black Tar Records on the 14th. This track is huge! Large subs accompanied with one of the aggiest, grittiest, unrelenting, in your face basslines i’ve heard in a good while! Along with that, for your money, you also get Coffi’s VIP rework of his smasher entitled ‘1970’s’.  1970’s VIP is massive, much darker than it’s partner – Kingy L – and i love that. Eerie and bass heavy, that’s how it goes.
So, I have put links to all the tracks mentioned above, below! Aswell as where you can check my own stuff out! Once again, thanks for reading, if you’ve enjoyed it, share it round and stay tuned for monthly blogs!

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Monday, 2 January 2012

M:UD the first edition

Hey guys, so let's start with a hello. I'm Alek Rose, I'm primarily a dubstep producer and i go by the name of NumBoy. But I produce with my fellow DJ and producer Sam Wilson who goes by the name of Wilso. Together, we make DUBPLEX! I've recently turned 16, but by no means does this mean that i won't know my stuff. I'll be blogging about the whole spectrum of dubstep, whether it’s the dark, dungeon dubs from the likes of J:Kenzo or N-Type, to the dancier sounds of Dismantle, all the way to the likes of Funtcase and Genetix.

So basically, Dom - the main man at M:UD said that this first blog will be summing up all things dubstep from the year 2011! A large task which I aim to seize and conquer, maintaining a severe bassface throughout. Let's go.

Before I start, I’m gonna get the whole Skrillex situation out of the way. He’s an extremely talented guy, and I have nothing against him. However, I won’t be blogging about him as much as many of you may want. I’ll mention him, as sometimes he drops a banger, but I don’t feel that his music represents the dubstep that I love and am passionate about and I don’t want my blog to spiral into a Skrillex hate club. Okay, seriously, let’s go now.

I'm going to start off by telling you who my main producers were in 2011. The first name that pops into my head is J:Kenzo. If you haven’t heard of this man, GET TO KNOW! He will be growing in the scene, I can tell. His deep, dark, sub-heavy sounds are extremely unique and each of his tracks is as good as – if not better – than the last. When will this end? I hope never.  If I had to choose one track for you to go and listen to in order to portray his sound, from this year, I’d have to say ‘The Roteks.’ Released on Tempa, in April. An eerie intro in which you can make out the sounds of insects buzzing about is the perfect start, then the sample comes in: ‘If the roteks are like other insects, they emit a very specific ultrasonic vibration...’ This is followed by a solid weight of sub bass rolling down into your ears. The rest of the track is indescribable, the snare drum is snappy and echoes off into the background each time. Everything in this track adds to the atmosphere and Mr. Kenzo has come out with an absolute smasher that is sure to shake any sub you hand it.

My second producer/producers of the year have to be KOAN Sound. This duo have had an amazing year in the production world. They have proved that they can produce spacey, yet atmospheric tracks with their beautiful remix of Ed Sheeran’s ‘A-Team.’ But don’t be fooled, they can bring the filth. This was more than proved with the release on Inspector Dubplate’s label: Inspected. Their release, entitled: The Max Out EP consisted of 4 tracks and was released on the 23rd of May. They explored the world of 100bpm music in this EP. As you may know, dubstep is based at 140 beats per minute (bpm) but KOAN reduced the speed to 100 BPM, but increased the frequency of their beats, almost replicating the sound of drumstep (half time DnB) My favourite track from the EP would have to be ‘Trouble In The West’ in which they showed their full talent by infusing cowboy-esque sounds with their unique style of punchy drums and start-stop basslines.  They’ve really developed their own style this year and further proved this with their ‘Funk Blaster EP’ released on Skrillex’s label ‘OWSLA’ on the 1st of November. This EP was entirely 100 bpm (except remixes) and I feel – and hope – that they will develop this sound in the year to come!

I feel I’ve waffled on for long enough about the first two artists of 2011 so I’m gonna give a quick list of my favourite tracks of 2011: Stinkahbell – Something In Your Eyes; Brownz – Padawan; Dismantle – Computation; Doctor P – Tetris; P-money – I Beat The Tune EP; Vodex – Deranged, STFU, Madman; Eptic –Fools; Buraka Som Sistema – Hangover (Caspa Remix); Subscape – Turn Me On;  Trampa – Alien Curry; Requake – Waterdrops. For me, a dubstep collective called Monsters have absolutely smashed it this year. Monsters consists of the likes of Vodex, Vylex, Subfiltronik, Shiverz, Antikz, AD, Young Kay, and others. If you find the time, check them out.

This has been a very hard blog to write because so much has happened in the past year to dubstep as a genre. It’s obviously impossible for me to mention every track that I have loved or the producers that are doing something new but I’ve done my best, without even scratching the surface.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog and continue to support the scene! I’ll be writing monthly from now on and I’ll be able to make them more to the point and snappy, so watch out for them. If you want to check out any of my stuff (Dubplex) which is very much influenced by the darker side of dubstep rather than the Skrillex-y filth idea, then check us out on:
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